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Extremist Keith Olberman attacks CofCC.

Keith Olberman, is so far to the left, that he was recently denounced by Jon Stewart as having no credibility. Even fellow MSNBC host Joe Scarborough calls him “reckless.” Since being hired by MSNBC, he has lost half of that left-wing network’s viewers for his time slot. Even MSNBC viewers can’t stand him. His ratings got so low, he was put on a 30 day “vacation” by the network earlier this year so a substitute hots could build the time slot back up. TV ratings analysts say that MSNBC can not sustain his show much longer and will have to fire him soon.

The senior elections official in Honolulu during 2008 announced that his office was certain Obama was not born in Hawaii. He made this surprise revelation at the CofCC 2010 National Conference during a live broadcast of the Political Cesspool radio show.

Olberman says this, then he says that his claim is invalid. Not because any of his facts are wrong, but because the CofCC are “white supremacists.” Instead of debating anyone on the facts, Olberman unilaterally calls everyone involved childish names and refuses to have an open debate on the issue.

[youtube R6UHdotFDj4]

Here is an audio clip of Tim Adams on the Political Cesspool radio show at the 2010 CofCC National Conference.

[youtube X9fdsz1iqEE]