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Hot New Book: Racism, Schmacism.

The Political Cesspool


In this brilliant (and often hilarious) new book, James Edwards proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that in today’s politically correct climate, “racist” simply means “white person” or “conservative white person.” And “racism” is simply anything a white person does that minorities and leftists don’t approve of.

You see, it’s no accident—it’s happening in city after city, all over America, for one simple reason—because liberals and race hustlers know that tossing out the “R word” is all they have to do to shut down conservative dissent.

Here are just a couple of examples in the book you’ll discover that the liberal media doesn’t want you to know:

How John McCain pretty much “threw” the election, out of fear of being called the “R word”. There was one thing he could’ve done that would have assured him of victory, but he refused to do it because he was afraid liberals would call him a racist. So he lost—and liberals called him a racist anyway!

How Hollywood and Madison Avenue constantly denigrate and demonize white people, and most of us don’t even realize it’s happening—you’ll never look at entertainment the same way again.

Once you’ve read Racism, Schmacism you’ll understand why this is happening, and exactly how to solve the problem.

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