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Incessant horn blowing by Africans ruining World Cup 2010.

“I’ve always said that Africa has a different rhythm, a different sound” – FIFA President Joseph Blatter on incessant horn blowing by African fans.

Supporters say it’s an inspiring cacophony, but critics say it sounds like a swarm of bees, drowning out fans, commentators, national anthems and generally ruining the World Cup experience for everyone. FIFA , the soccer-governing body in charge of the World Cup, is under pressure to ban the noise-maker. It said in a statement that for now it will only outlaw vuvuzelas if they become a physical hazard, such as if fans throw the horns on the field, but that it “continues to evaluate the use of vuvuzelas on an on-going basis.” -ABC National News

As if the hotel thefts, muggings, and violent stampedes weren’t bad enough, The World Cup is being ruined by the non-stop relentless blowing of the so-called “vuvuzelas.” The South African World Cup is already going down in history as the biggest disaster in FIFA history.

Fans in Europe and elsewhere have found the World Cup games to be unwatchable due to the constant shrill buzz of hundreds of plastic horns. Several teams have registered complaints saying they can not even hear teammates on the field due to the deafening horns.

The plastic, one note horns have appeared in the stands in Europe, but only in small numbers. In South Africa, it is being called “a traditional African instrument” and hundreds blow non-stop throughout the entire game. Many teams have registered formal complaints asking that the novelty horns be banned from the stands.

The striking difference between the African fans and the European fans of soccer reminds me of this famous scene from the movie Zulu. – CofCC Webmaster

[youtube YrZbUS0MaY4]