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More anti-white hatred. Use of "skinny white women" is "Nazism" claim left-wing loonies.

The grossly unconstitutional and textbook authoritarian EEOC, created by the misnamed Civil Rights Act, already sued Abercrombie&Fitch for “not having enough” non-white models. A&F paid  millions and entered an agreement to flood their future ads with extra large proportions of non-white models. It is now common to see ads for clothing stores where over half of all the models are non-white, for fear of the EEOC. [I get ads in the mail from Express for Men. After the EEOC lawsuit against A&F, their mailers suddenly went from about 75% white/25% non-white to half or over half non-white, with heavy use of male/female interracial pairings.]

Of course numerous major clothing companies, which market to blacks, use 100% black models. The EEOC has never filed a crippling multi-million dollar lawsuit against any of them.

However, the left-wing lunatics are taking it even further. They are now claiming it is “racist,” and “nazism” to use “skinny” non-whites. They claim that clothing companies only use non-whites that conform to a “nazi ideal.”

As reported on before, the left-wing authoritarians are now saying that it is not enough to just have non-white models. Overweight non-whites must be used to better reflect what they look like in real life!

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