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Obama told 17 foreign nations to kiss off when they offered help with oil spill.

Obama refused help for over four weeks as he watched unimaginable harm come to the environment.

The mass incompetence and arrogance of Barack Obama and his cabinet of tax cheating boobs has been exposed by Dutch officials and the foreign media.

Three days after the oil spill began, the Dutch offered the Obama administration a fleet of advanced oil skimmers. Together the skimmers can collect 36,000 barrels of spilled oil per day, and would have doubled the oil collecting capacity in the gulf. Obama told them “no thanks.”

It has now come to light that a total of seventeen foreign nations and four international groups offered to help contain the oil spill. Obama and his team of boobs told them all “no.”

Instead Obama let the oil hit beaches and marshes. Devastating both wildlife and livelihoods. At least a million people are losing part or all of their incomes because of the oil spill right now.

Obama’s refusal to accept help from the rest of the world is one of the biggest presidential scandals of all time. Far worse than Watergate, which caused Nixon to resign.

As the environmental damage has gotten unbearable, Obama finally decided to accept foreign help over four weeks after the first offers began pouring in.

Obama’s arrogant refusal to accept foreign help is a major news story all over the world. However, America’s “mainstream” media is doing everything they can to censor it. The Democrats, who supposedly love the environment so much, preferred to watch the gulf soak in oil for two months before accepting help.

Four species of sea turtles in the gulf are in immediate danger of extinction because of Obama’s refusal to accept help. Hundreds have already died, and their nesting grounds are being destroyed.

Instead of accepting foreign help, the Obama administration authorized the use of dangerous, toxic “dispersal agents” that have caused more harm than good.

Now that Obama has finally deemed it necessary to accept foreign help, miles of boom and dozens of skimmers are pouring in from Mexico, Canada, Norway, the Netherlands, and  many more.