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Once again, World Cup 2010 explodes myth of Negro superiority in sports.

Certain groups of sub-Saharan Africans have specific physiological traits that give them an edge in sports like basketball. Of course we just saw the whitest team win the NCAA championship this year.

However, soccer requires great endurance. It is the sports that require the most endurance that white people excel the most.

There are five sub-Saharan African teams in the World Cup that are all black. South Africa, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, and Nigeria. South Africa and Nigeria are already out. Ivory Coast and Cameroon are in the bottom half of their group and will probably not move on to the second round. Only Ghana is doing well. There are a total of 32 teams, and 16 will move on to the second round.

There are two more teams that are over half black, France and Brazil.

The big story is France, who fielded an international majority black team. France is one of the worst teams on the field this year, despite decades of being a major contender. Insiders say the teams multi-national members all hate each other and can’t get along. The last time France won the world cup was with an all white, all French team.

Groups A & B have completed their matches. Group A consisted of South Africa, France, Mexico, and Uruguay. Uruguay was the top team. Their starting line up had one Mestizo and one black. The rest were white.

Group B consisted of Argentina, South Korea, Greece, and Nigeria. Argentina came out on top. Argentina’s entire squad doesn’t have a single black. There are a few Mestizos and the rest are white.