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One of America's most dangerous cities lays off over 10% of police force.

As if Oakland wasn’t dangerous enough. Oakland is less than 25% white and the murder rate is 3.5 times the national average.

From San Fransisco Chronicle…

The Oakland City Council voted Thursday to lay off 80 of the Police Department’s 776 officers as it slashed at a $30.5 million budget deficit. The decision could be rescinded if the police union agrees to pension concessions.

Council members would like the officers to contribute 9 percent of their salaries toward their CalPERS pension, the same as every other city union worker.

Union leaders and city officials are set to negotiate Sunday and Monday, a move some interpreted as a sign the union was willing to change its position.

“I’m confident that we can have an agreement by July 15,” said Councilwoman Jean Quan, who voted for the measure, which passed 5-3. “No one cancels their weekend unless they plan to negotiate.”

Sgt. Dom Arotzarena, the union president, would only say, “It’s not over yet.”

The union was under relentless attack all night from council members and a wide range of speakers, who called it a matter of fairness that the police union be treated like the other city unions.

“Police unions needs cuts too!” said a sign held by Lydia Kosmos, 20, a lifelong Oakland resident who works at the Montclair Recreation Center.