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Open calls for violence against white people in Illinois town. (A white teen was already killed in racially motivated attack last April)

So much for the post-racial paradise that condescending white liberals promised us with Obama. Remember, when white liberals were saying that if Obama got elected blacks would stop committing crimes and do better in school?

In a small Illinois town a fifteen year old black (8th Grade) student hung himself from an old unused railroad bridge one mile from his house. Crime scene investigators ruled it a suicide. However, local black race hustlers are calling it a “racist murder” and urging revenge. Police say the teen’s own family did not even report him missing and had to go house to house asking residents to help determine the man’s identity.

This story is receiving a lot of press with local race hustlers swearing that “marauding white racists” must have done it.

Meanwhile a white teenage boy was shot to death in an actual racially motivated murder in the same town last April. That story was heavily censored. It received almost no press and there was no mention that the victim was white and the murderers black. It is only now being revisited by the local media in light of incendiary comments by local blacks.

At the local elementary school, vandals spray painted a message urging the murder of white people.

The News-Democrat says that when they first posted the story about the suicide violent comments by blacks were so vicious they had to shut down the comment section.

The News-Democrat reports one comment:

I’M HERE TO TELL U THIS,” typed a self-described African American mother of two on April 30, under the name “Chris.” “F#$%ING CRACKERS, RACIST PIGS, BLUE EYE DEVILS KILL[ED] THAT BOY…WHAT WE NEED TO DO IS START KILLING THEIR FUCKING WHITE CHILDREN.”

The local schools sent letters home to parents warning:

“As school leaders, we are very concerned about various conversations and rumors that have been circulating in the building and community regarding misinformation about the student’s death.”

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