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Outright bans on white employment has reduced 600k South African whites to living in squatter camps.

Recently the South African Communist Youth League actually organized a bus tour for it’s members to visit and mock whites living in poverty in South Africa. The South African government has almost completely banned the hiring of white people for government jobs and imposes strict “affirmative action” rules on the private sector. A statement by the South African Communist Party, an ally of the ruling ANC, reads “we won’t rest until all whites are as poor as the rest of us.”

Reuters article and video on Coronation Park, a white squatter camp, where local black politicians have cut the camps electrical connections. Click Here.

[youtube jb-8FsIuNIY]

Notice Reuters likes to use the term “shifting hiring practices.” In many cases employers, especially in government, are outright banned from hiring any new white people.

White people in South Africa are being murdered in astronomical numbers and forcibly reduced to poverty. The United States refuses to grant political asylum to South African whites.