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"Racist" Swans fight immigration with naval blockade.


Will the High Court step in?

Since then, Safari workers note, each morning the male and female white swans can be seen patrolling back and forth near the entrance to the pond and each time a black swan tries to find relief from the heat in the cool pond waters, they are immediately chased away.

“They have left the black swans a very small swath of land,” said the head of the Safari’s avian department, Dr. Gilad Goldstein. In order to ease the situation for the black swans, the workers distribute food for them in several spots near the pond and also in some more distant spots in order to get the white swans to move a little away from the pond and open the entrance to the water and allow the black swans to bathe a bit.

“If this doesn’t stop soon,” Goldstein said, “we’ll have to find a solution for the black swans in order to restore tranquility to their lives. In the meantime we are trying all sorts of intermediary solutions to open the water channels to them. It’s funny to say, but the caretakers are using peace activists to deal with this.”

The black swan is a special kind of swan with black feathers discovered in Australia in the 18th century. Since the existence of a non-white swan was thought impossible before then, the term “black swan” became a synonym for an event that happens despite slim odds.