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Rioters beat and murder Russians, Uzbeks, and Tartars in Kyrgyzstan. Mobs carry out massive campaign of ethnic cleansing.

Multi-cultural wonderland erupts into mass violence. Will California look like this in ten years?

(Note: CNN reports the death toll is now at 65, and Uzbek refugees have began pouring into Uzbekistan as their homes in Kyrgyzstan burn.)

From Ria Novosti

Kyrgyzstan’s interim leader said on Saturday that the Central Asian state wanted Russian peacekeepers to help stop ongoing ethnic violence in the south of the country.

Roza Otunbayeva’s comments came after she had spoken by phone to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin late on Friday.

At least 50 people have been killed and hundreds injured in continuing inter-ethnic violence that began in southern Kyrgyzstan’s city of Osh on Thursday evening. Hospitals are unable to feed the injured and refugees, mainly Uzbek women and children, are heading for the border with Uzbekistan.

“The situation has gotten out of control since yesterday evening and we need outside military forces to arrest the situation,” Otunbayeva said. “In connection with this, we are turning to Russia.”

The interim leader said reports indicated that ethnic “Uzbeks, Russians and Tatars” were being sought out and murdered by the rioters.

“We are waiting for news from Russia and we are ready for active dialogue to bring outside forces in,” she went on.

Otunbayeva also said that the death toll in the region was “higher than you or I know,” and that rioters had even temporarily seized control of an armored vehicle.

“Entire streets are on fire,” an Interior Ministry spokesman said earlier. “The situation is very bad. There is no sign of it stopping. Homes have been set ablaze.”

Today Kyrgyzstan. Tomorrow California????