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Shock victory for right-wing secessionist parties in Flanders!

Last year the Flemish Christian Democrats & New Flemish Alliance, a two party right of center cartel, broke their trend of running together. The New Flemish Alliance(NV-A) ran as a separate party largely on the exact same platform of the far-right Flemish Interest(VB). The NV-A openly billed itself as a sort of VB-light.

In the 2009 European Election, Belgium voters had a choice between the far-right anti-immigration/populists VB, the right-wing NV-A, and the anti-immigration/libertarian Dedecker’s List. Together these parties took 33% of the vote in Flanders. Previously the VB had received as much as 20% of the Flemish vote running as the only right-wing and pro-secession party.

The social and economic tension between the more prosperous Flanders and the Socialist dominated Walloon has come to a boiling point.

In elections this weekend, the NV-A made secession their main issue. The party sucked support from both centrist parties and the other right-wing parties.

While full results are not yet known, Belgium exit polls show that NV-A may have gotten as much as 30% of the vote in Flanders. While much of their base was swept up in the NV-A bandwagon, the VB still broke 10% in some regions as well.

Jean-Marie Dedecker also made secession a main issue of his “Dedecker’s List.” However, we don’t have any information on vote totals for his party.