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Voting black. Unknown, unfunded, unemployed black man facing felony wins SC Dem US Senate Primary over big name white politician.

The majority of the people who vote in the Democratic primaries in SC are black. Whenever a black is running against a white, the black candidate usually wins no matter what. Of course the media never points this out. The recent Democratic primary for US Senate in South Carolina is an extreme example.

A well known white former judge and state legislature was defeated in a landslide victory by Alvin Greene, a black man who did no campaigning, printed no signs, held no fundraisers, is unemployed, and is facing felony obscenity charges!

This black man, who did not even campaign and is a total unknown, won with 100k votes against the experienced white candidates 70k votes.

Now the South Carolina Democratic party feels humiliated by their own voters and admits Greene has no chance of defeating Sen. Jim Demint. The conservative Jim Demint will return to the Senate unopposed, because black people voted for a joke candidate instead of the experienced white candidate.

Black South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn, a notorious race hustler, did not blame his own people for voting for Greene. Instead he blamed the evil white Republicans. Clyburn, who represents a majority black district imposed on South Carolina by the Federal government, says “Greene is a Republican plant.” Click Here.

Next Clyburn will be saying it was a “racist” conspiracy to trick black voters. Why not just admit that a large portion of black voters will vote for ANY black person over ANY white person.