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White House "science" propaganda arm publishes absurd fantasy to explain why blacks have lower IQs.

The “National Academies of Sciences” has nothing to do with science at all. It is directly controlled by the White House and staffed with people picked by the Obama administration. Since Obama took control of the White House it has been a full time “Global Warming” propaganda machine. The National Academies of Science was created by Abraham Lincoln who sought to make the Federal government more powerful.

For the past 100 years, blacks in the United States have consistently scored 15-20 points below whites on IQ tests. The Obama controlled National Academies for the Sciences has declared that the elevated murder rate in black neighborhoods cause blacks to have lower IQs and perform poorly on standardized tests.

The method to which Obama’s propagandists conducted this study has nothing to due with the established scientific process.

The propagandists say that blacks have lower IQ and perform poorly due to the “post traumatic stress” of living in neighborhoods with lots of murders. Let’s look at some of the obvious flaws in this conclusion.

1) Over 93% of all blacks who are murdered, are murdered by blacks. Most of the rest are murdered by Mestizos. Blacks are 9 times more likely to commit murder than whites, and three times more likely to commit murder than Mestizos. Wouldn’t it be more logical to say that the astronomical black murder rate is directly related to the fact that blacks have lower IQs?

2) Prior to the Civil Rights Movement, the black murder rate was much lower than it is today. However the difference in IQ was the same.

3) Shouldn’t “scientific” studies be conducted independently of the radical left-wing Obama administration?

4) Whites and Mestizos living in majority black neighborhoods, still have higher IQs than their black neighbors. Not only do these people live with the same amount of crime, their race makes them a target. While black victims are almost always victimized by another black, blacks commit 55% of all their violent crimes against members of other races.

5) The actual scientific world has found that the majority of a person’s IQ is genetic.

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