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White liberals stunned by behavior of black voters in South Carolina.

Evidence mounts that Greene shock primary victory was all about race.

White liberals everywhere have tried to explain away the “mysterious” support for Alvin Greene as some kind of fluke. Greene, a 32 year old unemployed black man facing felony obscenity charges, ran against an experienced white former legislator and judge in the South Carolina Democratic Senate primary. Greene, did no campaigning, raised no money, and printed no signs. Yet, in state where half the Democratic primary voters are black, Greene won by a wide margin.

White liberals have been swearing that his victory was an accident. Black congressman Jim Clyburn suggested it was a Republican conspiracy.

Yet, a new Rasmussen poll conducted in South Carolina has hit white liberals like a ton of bricks. Greene has no white support, but over half of black voters still say they want him!

Rasmussen Poll:
DeMint(R): 58%
Greene(D): 21%
Other: 9%
Not Sure: 13%

51% of all blacks surveyed selected Greene.

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Alvin Greene Wins South Carolina Primary
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