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World Cup insured for $9 Billion as fans, organizers brace for violence.

From StuffBlackPeopleDon’tLike

We have been discussing the World Cup in South Africa for the past few months here at SBPDL. In fact, we have already declared that event to be a monumental failure based upon the amount of money spent to ensure the safety of the visiting fans to that rainbow nation.

The mainstream media has done a woeful job of covering South Africa since 1994, when the last vestiges of white rule were removed with the democratic election of Nelson Mandela. Indeed, only angelic and glowing praise of Mandela is allowed – see Richard Stengel’s work for Time magazine and the books he has written on his beloved mentor for proof of this – to be published.

Now, the truth of South Africa’s precipitous decline under Black rule is becoming increasingly obvious and any mention of this in the mainstream media is not tolerated (see this article in The Guardian).

Our coverage of the real South African World Cup (available here, here and here) should be enough to wipe away any false notions of a post-racial utopia from your sleepy eyes. The decline of South Africa in a mere generation since the handover of power from the white founders of that nation to the immensely unprepared Black majority is profound.

The gleaming towers and cities that will be viewed on television were built by white South Africans long before Black people took power (much like in America’s major cities). The shanty towns that house the teeming masses of the ever-expanding Malthusian Black underclass in South Africa are the true legacy of Black architectural feats.

We have been trying to figure out why the World Cup was forced on South Africa, a nation that could have easily hosted such a mammoth undertaking during the bad-old days of Apartheid (were an International Sports Boycott not applied to that nation).