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Actual dragging deaths CENSORED by the "mainstream" press.

Six year old Jake Robel was ripped from his mother’s arms and dragged to death on a busy highway. The perp, Kim Davis, was a lifelong criminal who had been released from jail despite having an outstanding warrant.

Davis carjacked Robel’s mother. However, when his mother tried to get him out of the car, Davis sped off. Robel was dragged to death on the interstate in Kansas City, Mo in front of hundreds of horrified witnesses. Davis was stopped, when other cars surrounded and blocked him. By this time, Robel’s body had been ripped to shreds.

This horrifying public murder took place in 2000. It was HEAVILY CENSORED by the so-called “mainstream press.”

Two years earlier in Waco, Texas three ex-cons (two white, one Latino) dragged to death a black ex-con over a feud that started in prison. The white ringleader, King, wanted revenge for being gang raped by blacks in prison. To this day, twelve years later, the media still talks about this crime constantly.

Ask yourself, why have you never heard of Jake Robel? Imagine for a second that Jake Robel was black and his killer was white. This would have been the largest news story in the entire western world! There would be relentless news coverage to this day! Instead the media quarantined, censored, and blacklisted this story. Even when the Missouri legislature passed a law named after Jake Robel, the media continued to hide the story. In instances when it was reported, all references to race were censored and no pictures were shown.

Did you know? The same day of the relentlessly reported Waco dragging death, an elderly white man was brutally murdered by two black thugs in the same city! This was reported in the local paper only, and nowhere else.

Patricia Stansfield, 46, formerly of Streator, Ill, was killed early Aug. 2 by being dragged three miles from downtown Streator to nearby Kangley. She was last seen minutes before, talking with a young man outside a restaurant. Following a trail of blood stains and clothing, LaSalle County Sheriff’s deputies determined she had been dragged from Vermilion River bridge on Illinois 18 to near Kangley Road.

This story was quarantined to local coverage only and most outlets censored all pictures and mentions of race. The story was deliberately hidden from the public even as nightly recaps of the Waco dragging death continued!

Imagine for a second that the races in this story were reversed! This would have been the largest news story in the entire Western world!

Ask yourself why the media is deliberately hiding these stories!