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CofCC to protest Al Sharpton in Indianapolis, IN

Please join us this Sunday at 7:00 PM at the Veterans Memorial Plaza in downtown Indianapolis for Hoosiers for Heroes, Standing Behind our Officers. I encourage you to visit the site for a full report on the incident, but the basic summary is that the family of a Black kid who vigorously resisted arrest last May is crying “police brutality” and a firestorm of controversy has erupted around the issue. One officer, Jerry Piland, who acted entirely as he was trained to do, has been terminated because of the political pressure from Indy’s Black community. Al Sharpton will be fanning the flames in Indianapolis at the same time we’ll be protesting.

This is an excellent opportunity for Hoosier Nation to mobilize as advocates for our people against our increasingly active and aggressive opponents. I know it’s on short notice, but I hope you’ll join us.

Veterans Memorial Plaza
550 N Meridian St
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Sunday, July 11th @ 7pm – 8pm