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Gossip magazines picking up story that broke at 2010 CofCC National Conference

Once again the CofCC has kept you way ahead of the curve.

Tim Adams the former head of elections in Honolulu announced that Obama was not born in the US and everyone at his office knew it. Adams and the CofCC were then denounced on MSNBC as “white supremacists” by Keith Olberman. However, Olberman does not dispute a single element of the story, his satanic mind thinks calling everyone involved a “racist” is an adequate rebuttal. Olberman debates at the kindergarten level.

Now America’s gossip magazines have picked up the story.

[youtube X9fdsz1iqEE]

Watch Keith Olberman’s kindergarten level debate skills in action. Notice that he doesn’t even attempt to dispute any of the relevant facts in the story.

[youtube R6UHdotFDj4]

The facts:

1) Obama has spent millions in legal fees to fight lawsuits asking him to present his birth certificate.

2) Obama’s grandmother claims she witnessed Obama’s birth in Mombasa, Kenya. While not a credible source, the media in Kenya, Ghana, and other African nations have reported that Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya.

3) The only document that Obama has received is a “certificate of live birth.” Babies born in foreign countries to mother with US citizenship are eligible for this type of certificate. He has never produced an actual birth certificate and the head of elections in Honolulu during the presidential race says that one does not exist.

4) Obama has a social security number that corresponds to Connecticut. People born in the United States are have SS numbers that correspond to the state and county in which they were born.

While the facts clearly suggest Obama is lying about his place of birth, it is extremely unlikely that the Supreme Court would ever rule that he was unqualified to be president.