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Israel "deceit rape" law used to deter mixed relationships.

Probably the most well financed extreme left-wing organization in the US is the Anti-Defamation League(ADL). This groups takes in $50 million a year and advocates for every extreme left-wing cause in US politics. It is also widely accused of being an unregistered foreign lobby for Israel (and more recently for Turkey as well). The group uses its Jewishness and the WWII Jewish Holocaust as a weapon against criticism. However, at the same time it has lobbied to deny recognition that the Christian Holocaust in Turkey or the Ukrainian Holocaust in the Soviet Union constitute “genocide.” The ADL is also one of the leading advocates of censorship in the US.

However, while the ADL screams “nazi” and “racist” at mainstream conservatives in the US, it ignores the right-wing nationalist ruling coalition in Israel. A nation that the ADL fanatically and unconditionally supports.

Israel has banned all immigration from Sub-Saharan Africa, including so-called “Ethiopian Jews.” Last year numerous Sub-Saharan illegal immigrants were shot and killed by Egyptian border security trying to cross into Israel. Egypt says that the use of deadly force is due to intense pressure from the Israeli government to halt the flow of illegals.

Israel gives free Depo-Provera injections, a highly effective long term birth control, to Ethiopian immigrant women on welfare.

Foreign guest workers are allowed from Asian countries, but they must sign a form promising not to have sexual relations with an Israel girl.

Now a new tactic is being used to deter mixed relations. An Arab Israeli citizen was just sentenced to 18 months in prison for having consensual sex with a Jewish Israeli girl. The prosecutor called it “deceit rape,” because the Arab allegedly told the girl he was also Jewish. Click here for more info.

Obviously, if any US conservative group even advocated doing any of these things in the US, the ADL would be screaming “nazi” and “racist” at the top of its lungs.