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Lefties going bonkers over prenatal treatment that THEY claim may prevent lesbianism and "uppity" behavior.

Note: No medical experts are suggesting that preventing CAH would also prevent homosexuality in women and/or “uppity” behavior. The medical community associates CAH with low birthrates later in life. In rare cases it can cause severe problems and even death in newborns. The fact that the left immediately associates CAH with lesbianism and “uppity women” is very telling! The CofCC is not endorsing any medical treatment.

Photo: San Fransisco’s “Dykes on Bikes” motorcycle club. Do these woman suffer from a medical condition known as CAH? Huffington Post and Newsweek think we need more women like these beauts!

A prenatal steroid injection that is believe to prevent congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH), is causing a firestorm among the left-wing moonbats at Newsweek and the Huffington Post. (Newsweek has killed itself by going so far to the left and all the current and former leftist writers are in danger of losing their lucrative pensions(haha). The magazine is hemorrhaging millions and has been put up for sale.)

CAH is when a female has high levels of androgens, which can create a more masculine appearance as well as numerous other problems. The medical community associates woman with CAH with low birth rates later in life. The most severe problems are death from adrenal gland failure 7-28 days after birth and ambiguous genitalia syndrome. Click here to see the Wikipedia article.

The left-wing moonbats have put a conspiratorial twist on the medical treatment claiming it is aimed at “preventing daughters from growing up to be Lesbians and uppity women.” The absolute absurdity of the Huffington Post and Newsweek is an insult to anyone who suffers from the disorder!

The Huffington Post called the prenatal injection a “crime against humanity!” Click Here.

The Huffington Post diatribe is written by an “Alex,” who is described as a homosexual activist and writer. Perhaps Alex should have done a little research first. There is a laundry list of medical reasons why mothers would want to prevent CAH in newborns that have nothing to do with the baby growing up to be a Lesbian or “uppity.” Alex should be ashamed of himself for making light of a serious medical condition.

Newsweek takes the story from the Huffington Post and further invents a conspiratorial narrative citing the left-wing Hasting Centers as it’s source. Click Here.