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Leftist rag Newsweek runs anti-CofCC piece.

The extreme left-wing Newsweek magazine, which is hemorrhaging millions and has been put up for sale, ran an anti-TEA Party piece that attacks the CofCC.

In typical Newsweek fashion, the article makes a number of fictional claims. It calls the Citizens Council of America, the “White Citizens Council.” No group ever existed called the “White Citizens Council.” This is a total fabrication, and textbook passive aggressive behavior. There are hundreds of left-wing organizations with race in the title, NAACP, NCLR, etc.

Newsweek claims that TEA Party members used racial slurs against black congressmen. The alleged incident was caught on multiple video cameras and the video footage proves the entire story to be a fabrication. Three radical left-wing congressmen, completely invented the entire story.

Here is one of the most passive aggressive statements I have ever seen from a leftist. Newsweek wrote “the Council of Conservative Citizens blatantly promotes itself as a white-people’s group.” In the same article a notorious black race hustler is called a “civil rights hero.”

On the bright side, Newsweek has literally committed suicide by going so far to the left. Newsweek began running flattering cover pictures of Obama once a month during the presidential primaries. This coincides with an outright free fall collapse of the magazine. Since 2008 the magazine has continued to get more extreme and more shrill even as it is losing millions for the Washington Post company. Most notorious is their “Is your baby racist” cover, in which the magazine explicitly advocates black pride, but says “white pride is abhorrent.”

The people who will be hurt the most by this extremist drivel are the people writing it themselves. All of the current and former writers will almost certainly loose their lucrative pensions when the publication is sold.

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