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NAACP chief Ben Jealous plugs CofCC on CNN website and NPR.

NAACP chief Ben Jealous (himself only about 1/8th “colored”), plugged the on NPR and


The resolution was proposed by our Missouri State Conference, from the home state of the Council of Conservative Citizens, widely recognized as the linear descendant of the White Citizens Council.

The name “White Citizens’ Council” is a left-wing fabrication. However, several members of the CofCC Board of Directors held leadership positions in the Citizens’ Councils of America.The Citizens’ Councils of America was founded in 1955 by Maj. Bob Paterson, the first provost marshal of the American sector of Berlin. Today Maj. Paterson is on the CofCC national board of advisers. He was recently decorated by French president Nicolas Sarkozy with the Legion of Honor, France’s highest award.

The CofCC was also plugged in the Kansas City Star.

Reporters may call the CofCC CEO Gordon Baum at 636-940-8474 for interviews or the webmaster at 843-597-4872.