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NBPP claims whites are not victims of black murderers.

The militant NBPP is calling a murder in Newberry, SC a dragging death and a lynching. Both claims are completely false. The murder took place when two long time friends and co-workers got into an argument after an evening of heavy drinking together. The white friend shot and killed the black friend. He then dragged the body down a dirt road apparently thinking it would obscure the identity of the victim. The body was then crudely hidden in a ditch.

The crime does not constitute a lynching or a “dragging death.” The victim was not dragged to death, nor was he “lynched.” A lynching, under South Carolina state law is when multiple perpetrators kill a victim together. Police saw the perp acted alone.

In extremely rare cases when a black person is murdered by a white person, it is automatically a major nationwide news story. However, white people are murdered daily by blacks and these crimes are quarantined to local news only, and often heavily censored. In many cases the media outright insults the victims by downplaying the crimes with phrases like “victim was in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Or saying a racially motivated murder was “a robbery gone bad,” when the murderer did not even take anything.

Here we see one of the leaders of the NBPP making the absurd claim that only blacks are the victims of interracial murders.

Here is a list of local news stories detailing brutal, savage black on white murders and attacks. All of these are from one 30 day period in late 2009.

1. White Man Befriends Blacks & Ends Up In Critical Condition After Being Set On Fire

2. White family of 5 viciously wiped out by 3 murderous blacks

3. White Female Clerk Murdered Despite Complying With Robbers Demands, Black Arrested

4. Ex-convict Charged In Stabbin’ Of White Nashville Woman

5. Teen Accused In Shooting Of Restaurant Manager 21-year-old Catherine Solinski-Blain

6. Trial opens in 2005 slaying (including torture) of White mother

7. Black who Murdered White Cop To Go To Trial Claims Self-defense

8. Murderer of White couple Jennifer Morelock and Jason Woycio walks free

9. Canada: White man fatally beaten by 3 blacks:

10. Three blacks and a white whore charged with murdering White man:

11. Black assassinates two Whites over car

12.Father finds son, woman dead in workplace

13. White man was robbed and shot while walking dog :

14. Canada: Three non-whites beat White man to death in jail:

15. 13-years old white girl Esme Kenney murdered by black beast:

16. Elderly White man brutally attacked – police on the hunt for black female:

17. Shooter in death of Palo Verde High student 15-year-old Christopher Privett sentenced to life

18. Job Check Leads to Arrest in 1976 Killing of Rebecca Doisy, 23, a waitress in Columbia.

19. Murder trial begins in white woman’s shooting death at Far North Dallas Gas Pipe smoke shop:
victim photo:

20. Black charged with murder in Georgia gas station killing:

21. Black Charged With Stabbing Two Young White Men To Death Outside Club

22. A hit and run crash that left twin eight-year-old white girls injured

23. Blacks To Stand Trial In The Murder Of A Tulsa Businessman

24. Travion Ford Gets Lite Sentence For Killing White Student:

25. Black Bobby Batiste sentenced to death for murder of Greek college student Andreas Galanis (black female activist protests Batistes all-white jury)

26. White Man Stops To Ask Black Teen’s Directions To Football Game and 44 years of age lost his life

27. Young White Woman Run Over & Killed, Black Driver Charged
Thread Title: White victims of black crime. This will happened very soon in Europe:

28. White Female Doctor Shot Outside Grocery Store During Robbery, Black Arrested:
video here:

29. Blacks charged with murder of White woman:

30. Quran Jones Savagely Beats White Roommate To Death With Baseball Bat

31. Three blacks arrested in killing of Un Albany white student

32. Black Brothers Arrested In Ocala Elderly Man and His Wife Carjacking

33. White 23-years old Chris Kernich beaten by two blacks in critical condition:

34. Denver police arrest 32 blacks in series of racially motivated assaults and robberies on random Whites in downtown Denver

35. NORWAY: Drug ring busted. Six Nigerians have been arrested and charged with possession of 3.7 kilos of heroin:

36. Black robber guilty of scaring elderly white woman to death

37. Black who murders a British tourist couple with his dustbin lorry was jailed for at least 20 years today

38. Somalis are attacking bikers, pedestrians and joggers:

39. Black push 15-year-old teen into oncoming traffic.
He was pronounced dead at the scene.

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