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NBPP leader defends member who screamed about wanting to kill white babies to National Geographic.

Malik Zulu Shabazz explains that he is retraining member King Samir not to say such incendiary rhetoric in front of cameras. However Shabazz refuses to denounce the statements Samir made.

King Samir is also featured prominently on an official NBPP commercial they posted on youtube.

NBPP leader Mailk Shabazz doesn’t keep his true agenda that secret. He sells “Revolutionary Rap Music” out of the NBPP magazine, and writes reviews of albums. In a review of big name rapper “Jay-Z,” Shabazz wrote “not black enough, can we please kill some white people.”

The NBPP espouses Nation of Islam theology, that Allah will lead them in exterminating all white people in North America. Click Here for more details. The NBPP also mixes a belief in racial holy war with crudely worded communist slogans. They preach that communist icons Marx and Mao stole all their ideas from “traditional African culture.”