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Obama administration claims PA Amish are "polluting Washington DC" !?!?!?!

The anti-white bigotry of the Obama administration was in full view yesterday, as the administration accused Amish people of polluting the environment in Washington DC.

In what sounds like a comedy skit, the Obama administration dispatched regulators to “educate” Amish people on pollution. The Obama administration claims the Amish are polluting the environment by using horse manure as fertilizer. This horse manure is then carried to Washington DC via the Potomac River.

This is not a joke!!! This is a real story! Click here to read about it in the Charleston Daily Mail.

Perhaps Obama is angry that the horse manure lobby didn’t donate any money to his presidential campaign, while companies making chemical fertilizer did.

This is the same administration that barred foreign countries from assisting in the BP oil spill for four months, while authorizing deadly untested “dispersant” chemicals to be dumped into the ocean. Now toxic rain is destroying crops along the coast of Mississippi and Alabama and making people sick!

Weird Al Yankovich couldn’t have written a joke about the Amish this absurd.

[youtube lOfZLb33uCg]