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Race hustlers demand Feds impose property tax hike on white people in St. Helena Parish, Louisiana.

St. Helena Parish is over half black. When the schools were forcibly desegregated by the Federal government they went to hell. Today the schools are 93%-99% black, with most of the whites sending their children to private schools.

The public schools already receive more money per pupil than the state average. They get $9,147 and the state average is $8,909. It is safe to say that a large majority of the property tax money funding the public schools is coming from white people. These white people must then pay private school tuition for their own children.

A levy for the local schools has failed four times. Now the school board has filed a lawsuit in Federal court asking a judge to force the county to raise property tax.

The attorney for the school Nelson Taylor has openly admitted that the moved is aimed at making white people pay more money for services going almost solely to blacks. “The white community not only abandoned the public school system physically, it withdrew its financial support as well,” says Nelson.