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Race riot watch. Bakersfield braces for possible riots after self-defense shooting of teenage thug by police.

A fifteen year old black thug led police on a high speed chase through Bakersfield, CA in a stolen car. When he reached a dead end, he rammed his car into a cop door. Officers were forced to open fire. The teen died later at a hospital. Another 17 year old was arrested at the scene and a 26 year old fled from the car at some point and got away.

The “usual suspects” are ignoring that teen was a violent monster who attempted to use the stolen car as a deadly weapon. Instead they are claiming the police “murdered him.”

Despite the election of Barack Obama, 2010 so far has been a year full of race riots. Blacks have rioted repeatedly in Philadelphia and Kansas City, MO. Other riots have occurred in New York City, Seattle, Alton(IL), and Oakland.