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Residents fleeing Oakland ahead of possible race riots!

Residents are fleeing and scores of storefronts have been boarded up, as the Bay Area awaits a jury’s verdict on a case involving an accidental shooting by a BART officer.

Over the past year several whites and Asians have been brutally beaten in racially motivated mob attacks by black thugs. This has forced San Fransisco to respond swiftly to disturbances. A groups of black thugs were arrested at a BART station and one of the thugs was killed when an officer accidentally discharged his firearm while grappling with the thug. The jury had the option of finding the officer guilty of second degree murder, involuntary manslaughter, or no charge at all.

Race hustling black “civil rights leaders” have been accusing the police of “brutality,” but completely ignore the plague of black violence at BART stations which led to the shooting in the first place.

The jury returned 20 minutes ago with a verdict of involuntary manslaughter.