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Sweden eyes totalitarian measures to make multiculturalism work.

“The concept of multiculturalism is difficult to make fit within a democratic society” – Nov, 2004 Helmut Schmidt Chancellor of Germany from 1974-1982

“Multiculturalism is a tragic mistake of the current Western civilization for which we all pay dearly” – July 20, 2005 Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic.

Sweden feels threatened by Muslim immigrants who homeschool and teach their children to be Jihadists. Simple solution right? Just cut off Muslim immigration right? WRONG! Sweden’s solution to the problem is to enact authoritarian measures dramatically restricting the freedoms of all Swedes.

Wouldn’t it just be a lot easier to admit that multiculturalism is a total failure?


On June 15 the Swedish government unveiled the draft legislation which, if passed, would impose severe restrictions on parents wishing to homeschool their children. Citing the European Convention on Human Rights, the law only allows parents to homeschool if “extraordinary circumstances” exist. The programme being used must pass muster with state officials and authorities will inspect and monitor home schooling families. Permission to homeschool must be renewed each year.

The final law will be presented to Parliament during the spring of 2010 and if passed, will take effect in 2011.

ROHUS said the legislation represents “a return to darkness”. The group noted the irony that the law, ostensibly based on the European Convention on Human Rights, proposes to outlaw homeschooling on religious or philosophical grounds. Article 9 of the Convention guarantees the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, including the right to manifest a religion or belief in worship, teaching, practice and observance.

The Swedish Government, the group says, “is making homeschooling illegal, for religious or philosophical reasons, thus showing off its worst totalitarian socialist roots”. They are calling for international support “to show that Sweden, as a member of the international democratic community, cannot take such a position”.

“As Sweden is often seen as the great social utopia of the world, it is important for Swedish homeschoolers to win this battle. Any and all help is appreciated immeasurably.”

Parents who homeschool children in Sweden consistently report that the state-run schools are in a state of chaos due to their adoption of trendy “progressive” educational theories that have been out of use in other countries for years. At the website of Trivium Pursuit, a website that provides resources for homeschoolers interested in classical Christian education, a group of expatriate British, American and Australian parents wrote of their experiences with homeschooling in Sweden.