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Tom Tancredo wins poll for Colorado Republican gubernatorial primary when he isn't even a candidate.

Conservative icon Tom Tancredo came in first place in a poll for the Republican Gubernatorial primary of Colorado. Tancredo received 29%, even though he is not an actual candidate. The actual “front runners” received only 19% and 13% each.

Tancredo is constantly vilified by the “mainstream media,” including the Denver Post, for his conservative views.

From Denver Post…

When asked who would be the “strongest Republican gubernatorial candidate,” former Congressman Tom Tancredo easily led the pack of six choices with 29 percent. McInnis followed with 19 percent and his primary opponent Dan Maes had 13 percent.

Tancredo, originally a McInnis supporter, has said that both Maes and McInnis should “both eventually drop out” of the race even if it’s after one wins the primary.

“Neither can win the general election,” he said.

Tancredo said he was “surprised and flattered” by the poll results.

“I want us as a party to get this governor’s seat,” he said. “If I can do it, believe me I will.”