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UK shocked when perps in brutal, horrific racially motivated murder are slapped on the wrist with less than 5 years each.

The horrific wave of violent racially motivated black on white crime is not limited to just America. It is happening all over the world. In the UK, a 67 year old Eurasian immigrant was beaten to death in front of his granddaughter in a violent racially motivated assault. The perps are three teenage blacks who were simply looking for any white victim. The victim is a fair skinned Pakistani who was perceived as white by the attackers.

The sentencing of the perps has sent shockwaves across the UK. These vicious monsters were given laughable sentences less than five years in jail a piece. A third perp was given only 6 months and had his identity concealed because he is only 15.

Realistically, they could be out of jail and murdering someone else in just a few short years.

The thugs were involved in what is called “happy slapping” in the UK. This is when blacks violently attack a random white person while an accomplice video tapes it. Video tapes are traded with friends and even posted online. The phenomenon has been going on in the UK for years and has recently spread to the United States, Canada, and France.

The left-wing British media often censors all mention of race when reporting “happy slapping” incidents.

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