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US Census Bureau completely vindicates on Haitian Death Toll.

Photo Right: While Haitian citizens looted and beat each other in the streets, white people from all over the world rushed in to save lives.

Right after the Haitian earthquake, international groups estimated the death toll at 10k-25k.

The Haitian government, which failed to do anything to aid victims, soon began exaggerating this number to increase foreign support. Soon the Haitian government was claiming 100k and then 200k. Western newspapers dutifully reported the baseless Haitian death toll as if it was factual. However, when newspaper pointed out that 200k was “almost as much as the Asian tsunami death toll,” Haiti immediately raised their toll again to 300k. reported that the death toll figures released by the Haitian government were baseless, and left-wing websites attacked us as “racists.” was vindicated by the US Census Bureau, which now says that the Haitian population saw no significant decline. In fact, just months after the earthquake, Haiti’s population appears to be growing.

Left-wing outfits, like the Huffington Post, called “racists” simply for pointing out the obvious!, as usual, was way above the curve.

The Haitian government now admits that their population has not been significant changed and even predicts a 1% growth for 2010.

From Miami Herald…

“There was a blip, a slight down tick [in population] because of the earthquake but I don’t think there’s anything that will prevent it from going to a . . . 1 percent per year increase,” which is slightly above average, said Peter Johnson, a senior demographer in the Census Bureau’s population division.