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War-monger Hillary Clinton's imperialist hit list.

Hillary Clinton was a major supporter of the brutal war against the Christian Serbs and the hand-over of Kosovo to Islamic illegal aliens from Albania. She also supported the Iraq War, the Afghan War, and the new war in Yemen that was kept a secret from the public for eight months.

Today, Kosovo is the center of the drug trade in Europe and radical Islamic state within Europe. It is a jihadi factory that is sending terrorists into Macedonia, Chechnya, and other places. Hillary Clinton played no small part in this transformation.

Now Hillary has issued an imperialist “hit list” of “Democracies that need strengthened.” Her list includes super-powers Russia and China. Russia has butted heads with the US twice in the recent past.

From AP…

Intolerant governments across the globe are “slowly crushing” activist and advocacy groups that play an essential role in the development of democracy, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Saturday.

She cited a broad range of countries where “the walls are closing in” on civic organizations such as unions, religious groups, rights advocates and other nongovernmental organizations that press for social change and shine a light on governments’ shortcomings.

Among those she named were Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, Venezuela, China and Russia.

“Some of the countries engaging in these behaviors still claim to be democracies,” Clinton said at an international conference on the promotion of democracy and human rights. “Democracies don’t fear their own people. They recognize that citizens must be free to come together, to advocate and agitate.”

Before an audience of several hundred senior government officials, Clinton recalled Winston Churchill’s warning 60 years ago at Fulton, Mo., that an iron curtain was descending across Europe. She noted that with the collapse of the Soviet Union, that curtain no longer remains.

“But we must be wary of the steel vise in which governments around the world are slowly crushing civil society and the human spirit,” she said. Social activists, Clinton said, are being harassed, censored, cut off from funding, arrested, prosecuted or killed.

President Barack Obama, in a statement released in Washington, said the United States is particularly concerned about “the spread of restrictions on civil society, the growing use of law to curb rather than enhance freedom and widespread corruption that is undermining the faith of citizens in their governments.”

Clinton’s speech came at the opening of a 10th anniversary celebration of the founding of the Community of Democracies, which has 16 members and is meant to forge international consensus on ways to support and promote democracy.