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White Pride Group Urges Tea Party to Flaunt Its Nationalism.

A left-wing weekly in Miami defends the NAACP by claiming that the CofCC and the Political Cesspool Radio Show want the TEA Party movement to be more “racist.”

From Miami NewTimes

Is the Tea Party racist? The NAACP thinks so. And the Council of Conservative Citizens, a white pride group, agrees. The post was written by James Edwards, a radio show host and author of Racism Schmacism. His website, the Political Cesspool, declares as its motto: “Conservatism is dead. Liberalism has no answers. What comes next? The rise of ethnopolitics.”

After the NAACP passed a recent resolution condemning the Tea Party as a bunch of bigots, the ragtag band of would-be American revolutionaries launched into denials. “Instead of replying with a loud BWAHAHAHA! or a ‘Yeah? What’s your point?’ or ‘So what?’ or ‘Of course we’re racists – we’re white people. That’s what “racist” means’ or ‘Can any of you race hustlers even spell “racist”?

The Tea Party predictably went into their usual bend over and grab their ankles mode. They protested that oh no, we’re not racists at all, we don’t tolerate racists at our rallies which are really huge rainbow coalitions.” Last January, a state chapter of the Council of Conservative Citizens set up shop at a Tea Party rally in Invernness, Citrus County.

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