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Black teenager slapped on the wrist for racially motivated near homicide.

A black teenage thug shot a man in the chest while making racially charged comments. He said he shot him because the man had a Confederate flag.

The thug plea bargained to aggravated battery and was given only ten years. The light sentence appears to violate Florida state law mandating a minimum of twenty for discharging a firearm while committing a crime.

The radical left-wing Herald-Tribune ran a propaganda article Wednesday blaming the victim. The paper claimed the victim “taunted” the perpetrator. This claim is not supported by the police and seems to be an invention of the newspaper. Two female friends of the  shooter told police that he initiated the confrontation and then shot the victim in the chest.

See article.

Imagine if the races were reversed in this story. This would be a major national news story with politicians denouncing the crime and demonstrations by black race hustlers. Instead it is quarantined to local press only and purposely distorted.