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Blacks riot in Des Moines, attack whites at random.

Ako Abdul-Samad is a radical black Muslim and local race hustler elected to the Iowa state legislature by the black community in Des Moines. He had the audacity to downplay the race riots and deny that the vicious attacks on white people were racially motivated. In a scene reminiscent of the movie Birth of a Nation, Samad is seen wearing Islamic garb and eating fried chicken while the Iowa state legislature is in session.

Numerous white people and two police officers were viciously assaulted when mobs of black thugs rioted in Des Moines, Iowa.

There is evidence that, like the race riots in Philadelphia, the rioting was planned in advance. As the Iowa state fair ended Sunday night, huge mobs of blacks formed and chanted anti-white racial slurs as crowds were leaving the fair. Groups of blacks began singling out individuals and small groups of whites for assaults.

If the races had been reversed this would be the largest news story in the United States! Instead the media has censored it and it is quarantined to minor local coverage. The local paper even has the audacity to claim that there is not enough evidence to say if it was racially motivated. See article.

In 2010 blacks have rioted and attacked whites in Philadelphia several times, Kansas City, MO twice, New York City, Seattle, and others.