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Clinton family blows $500k on flowers!

Remember when the “mainstream” media was attacking George Bush for having an extravagant inauguration party? Then when Obama spent several times as much money for his, the media was silent about it.

Now the Clinton family, which pretend to be champions of the working class, have reportedly spent as much as five million dollars to hold a royal wedding for their daughter. A whopping $500k was spent on flowers alone.

Can Bill and Hillary ever pretend to represent the “little man” ever again with a straight face?

Estimated costs.

Flowers: $500,000
Luxury Port-o-potties: $15,000
Bridal Gown: $25,000
Hilary’s Gown: $14,000
Wedding Cake: $12,000

Chelsea was reportedly wearing over a quarter million dollars worth of jewels during the wedding as well.