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German diversity icon on trial for knowingly infecting three people with HIV.

A pop singer, who is part Moroccan and a Muslim, has been widely celebrated and promoted by the European media as a symbol of diversity.

The efforts to promote Nadja Benaissa as a multicultural  idol have backfired. The singer has been arrested for intentionally infecting three men with HIV.

Nadja was signed to a subsidiary of the New York City based Universal Music Group. A company founded by the Brofman family, and known for using music to promote multiculturalism and the left-wing.

Nadja was universally backed by the European media, who sought to use her to promote multiculturalism.

She was even part of the German act for the 2008 Eurovision competition.

She now faces ten years in prison. She has an eleven year old daughter.

Nadja is a solo artist and part of the multicultural “superband” No Angels, which consists of two German and two multi-racial women.