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"Racist" Owner of beer distribution company was prominent left-wing do-gooder.

Omar Thorton slaughtered eight white co-workers at a beer distribution company in Hartford, Connecticut. He claimed that he was “harassed for being black” and that the Jewish Hollander family who owned the company were “racists” who ignored his complaints.

In reality, the Hollander family are well known as local liberal do-gooders who donated to numerous charities that benefited black people.

In 2006, the Hollander family funded a lawsuit to force the city of Bloomberg to spend more money (mostly from white taxpayers) on it’s 94% minority public schools. did some checking. Today the Bloomfield public school system spends $18,068 per pupil per year! The average for Connecticut is $13,277. The students at Bloomfield get a staggering 27% more funding than the state average, and Connecticut has one of the highest state averages in the nation!

The city of Bloomfield is less than 40% white. A shocking 15% of all households consists of a single mother with children. These families have to pay to send their children to private school, because the public schools are too dangerous. Then they must pay outrageous property taxes for the grossly over-funded nearly all black public schools.

White people all over the state of Connecticut are subsidizing the Bloomfield public schools so minorities on welfare can have more funding than white children of hard working taxpayers.

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