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"Racist" serial killer is Israeli citizen.

The “mainstream” media is still censoring information about Omar Thorton. He murdered eight white people and told a 911 operator he did it because they were white.

However the media has been hyping a “racist serial stabber in Michigan.” Whenever reporting on the story, the media made it a point to claim that the suspect was “white” and all the victims were “black,” and state that “racial hatred” was the suspected motive. However, when the same media outlets would report on Omar, all pictures and mentions of race or motive were all censored from the story.

Now the alleged “white racist” serial stabber has been arrested and he is an Arab, who is a citizen of Israel. He was nabbed at an airport while getting ready to fly back to Israel.

Elias Abuelazam is accused of stabbing men, mostly blacks, in three states. Several of which died from the attacks.

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