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SPLC Doubles Up on Smears. News Team.

James Edwards, host of the Political Cesspool Radio Show, has become accustomed to the routine smears squirted out by the Southern Poverty Law Center over the years. All the hysteria and fear-mongering the SPLC tried to stoke up with outbursts like “racist”, “anti-semite”, and even “neo-nazi” failed to force the popular radio show off the air. On the contrary, the publicity was priceless.

Never at a loss for lurid gossip and innuendo, the SPLC Hatewatch Report recently published a slimy, back-alley psycho-analysis of James Edwards, insinuating here that Edwards’s disgust with queers actually disguises latent homosexual tendencies. Perhaps the staff at Hatewatch got limp-wristed themselves and decided to quash the article before Edwards retaliated with some galling facts about the SPLC and its staff. (Or perhaps Edwards’s tart comments about queers made the staff at Hatewatch squirm.)

But why waste a perfectly vile smear? Instead of tossing the article for good, Hatewatch reporter Larry Keller simply cut out James Edwards and pasted in Ann Coulter! The SPLC– the one-stop, one-size-fits-all fear and hate center! At least they recycle their own garbage…

Notice the similarities between the Hatewatch article on Edwards, and the regurgitated version bashing Ann Coulter.

Click Here for the SPLC hit piece.