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Another animal preserve wiped out in Africa.

An animal preserve in Zimbabwe set up by white charities was destroyed by Zimbabweans who slaughtered over a thousand rare animals. Mugabe loyalists are being blamed, who tore down miles of fencing and used it to make snares. All of Sub-Saharan Africa’s animal preserves were originally established by white governments and charities. These preserves are financially supported by white charities from the west, but are constantly attacked by Africans.

From AP…

Illegal occupiers on an animal reserve in southern Zimbabwe have killed hundreds of animals and torn down several miles (kilometers) of protective fencing, a conservation group said Friday.

Investigators of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force who visited the reserve near the southern border town of Beit Bridge and the Limpopo river reported the occupiers slaughtered 300 zebra for their skins in the last two months. Seven African antelope were killed this week.

The group said the owner of the reserve won a court order to evict the occupiers but it was ignored.

Four miles (7 kilometers) of specialized 16-strand game fencing – 70 miles (112 kilometers) of wire in all – were stolen to make animal traps and snares, the group said.

“It is tragic. Authorities have failed to enforce the judicial order and the slaughter is ongoing,” said Johnny Rodrigues, head of the task force.

The population of zebra in the formerly private run wildlife conservancy dropped from about 870 to just 160 – a loss of 710 animals – the group said. Nearly 560 eland, Africa’s largest antelope, have also been killed, it said.

Efforts to preserve wildlife around the world are led and financed by whites. Not that white people are ever given any credit for it.

Poaching syndicates and militias routinely invade preserves and slaughter the animals. Often murdering forest rangers and employees as well.

Recently a Hutu militia wiped out a population of rare gorillas in the Congo. Shooting each one in the face at close range with pistols, when forest rangers refused to let the thugs hide out in the preserve.

At other preserves whole herds are wiped out simply for one body part, such as an elephant’s tusks.