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Blacks riot, brutally attack white people at Paris festival.

An annual festival in Paris France was ruined when mobs of blacks rioted and attacked white people at random. Numerous whites were attacked and had to be treated by paramedics. Several white women were sexually assaulted.

Imagine if the races had been reversed. A story like this would be the biggest news story in the world. However, since it is blacks attacking whites it is censored, buried, and blacklisted by the “mainstream” press. Race riots and vicious racially motivated attacks are being carried out by blacks all over the western world and the media does everything it can to hide it from the public.

[youtube TxxKXl2U7NM]

This is the second time in a month that mobs of blacks rioted and carried out racially motivated attacks in Paris. Last month a parade by Chinese people living in France ended with mob attacks by black thugs.