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CofCC to protest Machete in Indianapolis.

The Indianapolis CofCC will be protesting Machete at Regal Galaxy Cinema, 8105 East 96th Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46256. The protest will be held from 8 to 8:30 p.m Friday. Contact Brian Jacobsen,, 7732941940.

From Hoosier Nation…

As average American citizens and law-abiding Tea Partiers who happen to be white are being branded “racists”for exercising their 1st Amendment rights, Twentieth Century Fox and Latino filmmaker Robert Rodriguez are set to release the anti-white snuff film Machete this Friday, and the silence is deafening.

Throughout the movie, white characters involved with trying to stop illegal immigration and secure our border with Mexico are demonized as corrupt racists. Minutemen and militias are portrayed as wanton killers, murdering illegal aliens and children in the desert “like jackrabbits” and using derogatory terms like “wetback.”

The great irony is that there has never been so much as one documented case of a Minuteman or militia member committing violence against illegal aliens. As a matter of fact, all violence that has been reported from the border has been perpetrated by illegal aliens and Mexican drug cartels. Violence like this year’s murder of Arizona rancher Robert Krentz, who police believe was killed by an illegal alien he was trying to assist.

Hoosier Nation, an Indianapolis-based white advocacy group, calls on all Americans to reject this racial double standard. Matt Parrott, head of Hoosier Nation: “How can a film that glorifies killing people because they’re white be part of our president’s promised post-racial America?” Brian Jacobsen, Hoosier Nation’s media director, wonders, “Would it be taken as a joke if the movie glorified white people murdering illegal aliens at the border? Then why is it considered amusing for a Latino director to fantasize about murdering whites who disagree with him politically?”

During the heated debate over Arizona’s SB1070, written to combat the state’s illegal immigration crisis, Director Rodriguez thought it would be funny to release a special trailer in response. The trailer threatens the majority of patriotic Americans (polls consistently show 60-70% support for the bill) with violent bloody death unless they agreed with his political point of view: amnesty and open borders. Rodriguez’s message for Arizona, delivered by the heavily tattooed Danny Trejo as Machete in the trailer? “F^@# Arizona!”

You can watch it here:

And to add insult to injury, Machete was made, in part, with your tax dollars via tax incentives and location access provided by the Texas Film Commission.

Hoosier Nation is calling for all Americans to protest this racial double standard on a local and national level. Hoosiers are invited to join the organization in protesting Machete in the Indianapolis area this Friday (time and location to be announced on their website: