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DNA database leads to quick arrest in racially motivated murder.

Two black thugs brutally murdered a woman and attempted to murder the woman’s nine year old daughter. Both victims are white.

DNA from the crime scene was matched to a thug already in Louisiana’s DNA database, leading to a speedy arrest.

Police raided the home of the suspect’s relatives, finding the suspect as well as illegal drugs and a stolen firearm.

Louisiana has a state law requiring a DNA database of felons. In other states, the radical NAACP is fighting to keep DNA database laws from getting passed.

The NAACP says that since blacks commit crimes in great disproportion to everyone else, they would be added to the DNA database in great disproportion. Therefore, according to the NAACP, DNA databases are “racist.”

Once again we see the extremists at the NAACP fighting to make America safe for brutal criminals.

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