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New York Times defends race war message in Machete.

The left-wing extremist New York Times says that only paranoid losers would object to a movie about illegal aliens armed with garden tools mass murdering white people.

From New York Times…

For all its political button pushing, “Machete” is too preposterous to qualify as satire. The only viewers it is likely to upset are the same kind of people who once claimed that the purple Tinky Winky in “Teletubbies” promoted a gay agenda. A pop culture conspiracy is usually in the paranoid eye of the beholder.

From Alternative Right…

I was intrigued by the idea of writing a review of the race war-cum-slasher flick Machete, which I attended this past Labor Day weekend. (Don’t worry: Lest my money went to the men who made the film, I bought a ticket for the most wholesome, least culturally destructive movie I find, which in this case was Nanny McPhee Returns starring Emma Thompson. The sleepy-eyed man taking tickets didn’t notice or care when I instead walked into the theater showing a movie that averages three gruesome deaths per minute.)

By the end of Machete, I felt like I could have reviewed the film without actually having to subject myself to it. Machete the movie amounts to little more than a 105-minute version of its notorious trailer — now viewed by tens of millions on YouTube — in which a Mexican day-laborer gets hired to make a hit on a senator, is double-crossed, exacts revenge from his tormentors, and inspires a sort violent Latino uprising in the process.

Director Robert Rodriguez originally made the trailer as a spoof in 2006; it ginned up enough interest online for him get the funding to reverse-engineer an entire film. In May of this year, he recast the project as “a special message — TO ARIZONA!” a reference to the recent passage of SB 1070.

Most translated Machete’s “special message” as Kill Whitey! Kill Whitey! Kill Whitey!