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Seattle officials finally file hate crimes charges in attack on 16 year old.

Seattle, Washington has been the scene of brutal race riots, racially motivated attacks on whites, and even racially motivated murders of whites over the past several years. Black thugs are emboldened by the left-wing whites in Seattle who coddle and baby these thugs.

When a 16 year old white was attacked by two non-white men and beaten for four hours while the attackers screamed racial slurs, left-wing Seattle authorities told media “we don’t know if it’s racial.”

Months later the perps have finally been charged with “hate crimes” due to mounting pressure from the public.

From Seattle Times…

Two men are accused of committing a hate crime in the robbery and beating of a Seattle teen.

Ahmed Mohamed and Jonathan Baquiring have each been charged with first-degree robbery and malicious harassment, the state’s hate crime statute. Baquiring was arrested Tuesday evening; police are looking for Mohamed.

According to court documents filed this week in King County Superior Court, 16-year-old Shane McClellan says he was walking home from a party early on May 25 when two men asked him for a light. He told police the two robbed him and beat him for four hours, whipping him with his own belt. According to a police report, the two men, one black and one Filipino, made comments like, “How do you like it, white boy?” and “This is for enslaving our people.” McClellan is white.

Court papers say a police officer later encountered two men with dried blood on their hands and took samples. The state crime lab recently reported the blood matched McClellan’s DNA.