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SPLC calls for support for Machete, while denouncing The Passion of the Christ.

The radical Marxist fund-raising hustle known as the SPLC came out defending Machete, the movie that advocates hatred and murder against white people. It specifically depicts white law enforcement and supporters of the TEA Party and minuteman movements being murdered.

In a column syndicated by the Huffington Post, the SPLC declares that whites who object to the movie are hateful, not the movie itself. While defending the anti-white pro-race war message in Machete, the declaration by the SPLC mocks Christians and calls “The Passion of the Christ” a hateful movie.

Remember. This is the same SPLC that called Lord of the Rings “racist” for not having any black cast members. However, a movie where all the white cast members are demonic villains who deserved to be ethnically cleansed from America, is a-ok!

See article from SPLC.

SPLC says this movie is just great!

[youtube UsOlpOhSA0I]

While this movie is for hatemongers.

[youtube rd-GXzReZuc]