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UN: America's black unemployment rate might be a "human rights violation."

The extreme Marxists at the UN have done it again. Calling America’s black unemployment rate a “possible human rights violation.” It’s not enough that race based affirmative action is rampant and the textbook Soviet EEOC forces racial quotas on companies far and way.

What the UN fails to mention is that the black unemployment rate has been higher than the white rate for a long time, even in times of great economic prosperity. Blacks are far more likely to use the many various forms of welfare and tend to stay on welfare far longer than white users. The simple fact is, that a larger percentage of blacks do not want to work.

The UN fails to consider that every Federal entity practices extreme affirmative action. Some Federal agencies are as high as 40-50% black. These are extremely lucrative jobs.

The most visible is the post office. Once reserved for veterans of all races, Clinton turned over the post office to the congressional black caucus during his presidency. The hiring rules were re-written giving black women first priority, with black men and other racial minorities second priority. Then white women. White men are considered last. It is not uncommon at all to go to a post office in a rural 99% white part of the country and still find a black female manager.

The following are professions where blacks are most over-represented.

1. Barbers—35.0% (A very large percentage of all new barbers were given free training in prison.)
2. Nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides—34.0%
3. Residential advisers—29.6% (Extreme affirmative action)
4. Security guards and gaming surveillance officers—28.6%
5. Postal service clerks-28.3% (Extreme affirmative action.)
6. Baggage porters, bellhops, and concierges—27.1%
7. Postal service mail sorters, processors, and processing machine operators—26.4% (Extreme affirmative action.)
8. Taxi drivers and chauffeurs—25.7%
9. Bus drivers—24.9%
10. Parking lot attendants—24.4%

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